Hawley Woods Gray

As a result of being an athlete for more than 35 years, Hawley Woods Gray knows firsthand that all good things come from hard-work, coaching and being held accountable.  Sports more than any other college class or program Hawley has attended, taught her how to be a successful business woman.  Hawley believes that being in the gym and on the field taught her how to persevere, be dedicated to a common goal and how to win.  Hawley was a collegiate volleyball and softball player and coached volleyball at the Division 1 College, high school and club level for over 20 years.  Although her business accomplishment include rising to the top at Appreciation Financial and being a Co-Founder of WOW, Women of Wealth, she is most proud of the young women and men that she helped get to the next level in their sports.  She has stories of many of the athletes she influenced over the years.  The important lessons learned have taught Hawley how to successfully coach and train other leaders.

At Appreciation Financial, Hawley and her team, help a lot of people, create life changing wealth and get better every day.  Hawley’s team at Appreciation Financial is growing rapidly, with just over 105 agents, 60 of which are women.   When she co-founded WOW, Women of Wealth, she did so with the intention to influence others, especially women.

Hawley is currently a board member for Women of Insurance and Financial Services.  Hawley’s focus for 2020 and beyond is in the area of growing more female’s agents/advisors in the insurance and financial services.  Already an accomplished mentor and coach, Hawley believes that women need not only support; they need an advocate and someone that will stand up for them when their voices are not being heard.  Through WOW Women of Wealth, Hawley has a vision to of igniting the global advancement of women, WOW has taken flight and is showing many what is possible when powerful, strong, kind and loving women work together for the greater good.

Hawley lives in Southern California with her husband Bobby and their son Jackson, 7, they also raised their nephew Adrian, who is now in the US Navy.  They enjoy traveling, frequent trips to Disneyland and almost anything sports related.  Their dream trip includes a year-long season of watching a baseball game in every stadium Major League Baseball has in the US and Canada.


Carey Yukich

Carey Yukich has experienced much success in life. She credits this to her ability to face obstacles and push through her limits and fears. Growing up, she moved over 12 times and had to adapt to each new situation. Her hard work in high school paid off as she was able to transition from small town to the big city, earned a full scholarship and her spot to compete in the BIG 10 in volleyball. 

In 2014, Carey and her husband John started TrueWealth Advising Group from scratch. Since then, she has built a dynamic financial services team and embraced the challenges of tackling this industry using the skills she gained as a lifelong athlete.

Athletics taught Carey the foundation for the skills necessary to succeed on and off the court. Guided by pivotal mentors in her life and athletic career, she coached volleyball at both the collegiate and club level. This allowed her to develop her leadership approach and philosophy: lead by example first, be proactive and assertive, add humility and empathy, and multiply by accountability through “tough love.” 

Through teamwork everyone accomplishes more, on and off the court. The road for Carey has not been easy; it has taken many twists and turns. The parallels of what works on the court to what works in the conference room are what Carey hopes to teach those who strive for success. Coaching, educating, and making a positive impact in the lives of many are part of her purpose.

In her life outside of the office, Carey enjoys swimming, playing tennis and golf, and spending time with her husband John, their daughters Jessica and Samantha, dogs Brandi and Bozley, and cat Mischa. She serves on the Investment Committee and Board of Directors of the Legacy Foundation, is a member of the Circle of Excellence within WIFS, delivers for Meals on Wheels, and is always up for an active adventure in which she can learn  and recharge the positive energy she relies on to be at her best.

This book was written, in part, by a third party.