Hawley Woods Gray

As a result of being an athlete for more than 35 years, Hawley Woods Gray knows firsthand that all good things come from hard-work, coaching and being held accountable.  Sports more than any other college class or program Hawley has attended, taught her how to be a successful business woman.  Hawley believes that being in the gym and on the field taught her how to persevere, be dedicated to a common goal and how to win.  Hawley was a collegiate volleyball and softball player and coached volleyball at the Division 1 College, high school and club level for over 20 years.  Although her business accomplishment include rising to the top at Appreciation Financial and being a Co-Founder of WOW, Women of Wealth, she is most proud of the young women and men that she helped get to the next level in their sports.  She has stories of many of the athletes she influenced over the years.  The important lessons learned have taught Hawley how to successfully coach and train other leaders. 

Carey Yukich

Carey Yukich has experienced much success in life. She credits this to her ability to face obstacles and push through her limits and fears. Growing up, she moved over 12 times and had to adapt to each new situation. Her hard work in high school paid off as she was able to transition from small town to the big city, earned a full scholarship and her spot to compete in the BIG 10 in volleyball. In 2014, Carey and her husband John started TrueWealth Advising Group from scratch. Since then, she has built a dynamic financial services team and embraced the challenges of tackling this industry using the skills she gained as a lifelong athlete. Athletics taught Carey the foundation for the skills necessary to succeed on and off the court. Guided by pivotal mentors in her life and athletic career, she coached volleyball at both the collegiate and club level. This allowed her to develop her leadership approach and philosophy: lead by example first, be proactive and assertive, add humility and empathy, and multiply by accountability through “tough love.” 


Your Ultimate Success Playbook

Within every person, lies the potential to be great. Ask yourself: Do you want to be great? Do you want to have a great career and family? Do you want to be a great member of your community and create positive change? Do you want to be a great leader and inspire those around you? There are many ways to achieve greatness, all of which happen only with the right mindset and action plan. For conquering your life, with all its trials and triumphs, you need a playbook, one that can show you how to be the best version of yourself and become a figure of discipline, passion, cooperation, and determination. Whether it’s in an office, home, field, or court, create a legacy that you’ll be proud to leave behind. If you are ready for transformation, you are where you need to be right now. Walk with us on a journey of self-discovery and incorporate these principles to overcome what is blocking your growth.